So far, it's hard to call any of the trips a true voyage.  We had a short season in 2009, and spring of 2010 began the refit which willl eat up a good chunk of the season.  I've had the pleasure of numerous day sails around the port of Rochester and I'm looking forward to doing some cruising this summer and fall.  At this point I have a to-do list of places I'd like to cruise to.  For any of you who are true cruisers, try not to laugh as I stick my toes on the water.  I know these are small trips, but you have to start somewhere.
  • First triumph will be a small camp-out in the marina with my son.  Just a chance to get to see how the bunks feel in a real overnight.
  • Irondequoit bay:  One small step sideways for mankind, one giant leap forward for me.  I'm hoping to find a decent spot to  anchor overnight and see how it feels to drop the anchor in the water, spend the night on the hook, cook breakfast, etc.
  • Sodus Bay:  A solid day sail, and a great bay with good anchorage, and lots of places to eat or get help if need be.
  • Little Sodus Bay:  Just a bit farther than Sodus Bay, and another chance to explore and learn what I'm doing.
  • Oswego:  Maybe stretching the day trip?  Who knows?  But it's the next closest target...
  • Main Duck Island:  This place just looks neat to me.  It's unique.  Not sure what the route will be and where I'll spend the night, but I want to see this place.
By the time I knock off this list I think I'll be ready for some longer trips on the Canadian side of the lake, possibly including the Thousand Islands.