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The Internet has been an incredible learning tools for me.  While books build a strong foundation, there is always something thats a little different on my boat than it was in the book's examples.  That's where the Internet comes in.  You can ask a question of Google and find someone who has done exactly the same thing, and chances are pretty good their web site provides what you need.  When that doesn't work, a short visit to the forums is usually all it takes.

If a home isn't a home without a dog, then a web site isn't a web site without obligatory links.  These sites have officially been helpful, thought provoking, entertaining, or some combination there of.


  • Sailnet:  This is just about my one-stop, go-to, all knowing sailing magic 8-ball.  If someone on this site doesn't know the answer I probably shouldn't be doing the job.
  •  Less frequently used by me, but Gooogle regularly brings me wisdom from its archives, so definitely worth a post.
  • CS Yahoo Group:  If you own a CS boat you should already have joined this.  If you haven't, get in there.  Yes, you really do need this.
  • CS ProBoards Forum: The CSOA Yahoo Group's more active members are strongly encouraging use of this site, but the historical knowledge that's archived in he bowels of the old Yahoo group make it hard to just do a clean split.  This forum is great for it's ability to better format posts.  In the end you need both CS sites.
  • CS Yachts Wiki

Blogs / Technical

  • Panbo: Fantastic view into the highly dynamic world of marine electronics.
  • Sika Marine Literature: Sikaflex brand goops and how to use them.

Blogs / Cruising

  • Sea Weasel: Another CS27 owner who is very active in racing and cruising.  This blogger has gone through many of his maintenance projects on the site, which is helpful.  Can't help but enjoy his attitude as well.
  • Zero To Cruising:  I enjoy this one because although they are ahead of me in the learning curve, this couple is figuring it out as they go in a very humble manner, and proving that its more about persistence and attitude than money and rocket science.
  • Sailorgirl: There aren't a lot of CS27 folks out there on the Internet, and it's always cool to find those needles in the haystack.
  • Cuising LeaLea: Very well written site, and an equally well produced series of YouTube videos by this couple who is cruising aboard a Albin Vega 27.  I find it interesting specifically because their boat is similar in size to the CS27, and they have really made the most of the smaller vessel.  Yet another reinforcement that there really is no need for a 40 footer.

Misc. Web Sites

Internet Chandlers

  • Defender: This site will have the best price 9 times out of 10, and their shipping is very fast.
  • Jamestown Distributors:  Their prices are not usually the best, but they are not bad.  They tend to have more specialty boat building supplies, and can be convenient to order from when you have a big project with fiberglass or hardware.  There is also a lot of good information on their site.
  • Hamilton Marine:  Very good prices, although usually just a touch higher than Defender.  An excellent selection as well.
  • West Marine:  Their prices are very high, but they sell everything and there's probably one within a short drive from wherever you live.  I buy enough things from them that I signed up for their paid member rewards program and it paid for itself.  Why?  Because there's a lot of things you want to touch before you buy, and a lot of times I don't want to wait for a catalog order to come in.
  • Absolutely unbelievable prices on marine wiring and electrical supplies.  No, Anchor is not the only manufacturer of ABYC compliant wires.
  • McMaster-Carr:  The hardware store of hardware stores.  This place carries absolutely everything you will even need in raw materials.  Every kind of nut, bolt, washer, grommet, fastener, and even pre-fab fiberglass sheet goods when you are too lazy to do your own layup (or when you want a resin infusion ratio which most of us can't do manually!).
  • Gemeco Marine:  The recommended source for Airmar transducers (and they have many other cool items!).  Airmar makes almost all transducers, and sometimes you need something that Raymarine doesn't re-brand.