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I love books.  I always have.  With determination and research you can do almost anything.  My experience thus far in sailing is proof of this theory because I came from ground zero when it comes to knowledge of boat systems.  I'm now flying high, at least 1/64 inch above ground zero!  

When it comes to sailing, there are a few categories of literature I consume.  The bulk of my reading has been from the Boat Systems and DIY category.  Then there's seamanship books which I really enjoy, but haven't had time to really dig into yet.  Sailing stories are another category I have a few victories in.  Finally, magazines tend to transcend all categories, but they are small and cheap, so I'll give them their own category.

As stated in the Tools section of this site, I'm insanely busy right now refitting my boat, so I don't expect to be writing book reviews any time soon.  What I will do in the interim is make note of the literature that deserves some writing...

Boat Systems and DIY
  • The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, 3rd Edition Revised

  • Chapman Piloting
Sailing Stories
  • Stay tuned...
  • Practical Sailor:  The Consumer Reports of sailing.  Reviews and practical advice on gear and techniques.
  • Good Old Boat:  Fantastic and essential reading for those of us not afraid to work on our distinguished boats.
  • Sail:  Mainstream marketing that's chocked full of six-figure yachts I have no interest in owning.  But it's another source of sailing fix in the long North-Eastern winter.  There are good articles on seamanship as well, but I sometimes find it frustrating that the magazine doesn't spend as much time covering the yachts that most of the world seems to own.  My boat yard has about 10 older 30 footers to each 35+ foot modern big boat.
  • Epoxyworks:  More of a boat building magazine than a sailing one, but it often contains ideas and techniques which prove very useful in restoring a classic sail boat.