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Galley Stove Update

The aesthetics of this transom-mounted propane cage really make me crazy.  I think it spoils the boat's lines.  I'm also not crazy about the way the rubber hose enters the deck here.  Unfortunately, after messing with all kinds of ideas, I've concluded that it should stay where it is.  There isn't a lot of storage on this boat if I were to make a longer trip, and I think the cockpit lockers would be wasted storing a tank.  So, the trick is to make it better...

After trying everything I could come up with to make an efficient propane locker, I decided that the CS27 was not really intended to have propane tanks.  Sometimes things just weren't meant to be.  I ripped out the original Kenyon Homestrand stovetop only to discover that it was really an alcohol stove that had been modified to use propane.  I wonder how safe that really is?

I dug around and found that the Cookmate dual burner stove top is very close in dimension to the Homestrand, so I have placed an order.  I expect to have to do some modification to the gimball mechanism, but I believe I can make it work.
The stove was back-ordered through mid June, which turned out to be a good thing as I had a lot of more pressing projects to attend to.  The stove arrived just before the boat was to be launched.  After a quick test-fit in the gimbal I realized that my measurements were good, but that the corners of the gimbal which used to mount the old stove needed to go in order to mount this stove.

Dremel time!

Stay tuned...