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My CS27 came equipped with a Yanmar YSB8 diesel engine.  It works like a champ, it's incredibly simple, and I'm happy to have it.  This page summarizes all projects associated with the engine system.

The cutlass bearing was an incorrect size, and to make matters worse, the engine was very badly aligned.  This meant that even after installing a new cutlass bearing, if I didn't take care of the engine alignment it would be shredded just like the old one.  No option here but to throw more money at the vessel and hope for the best.

CS27 / Yanmar YSB8 Oil Change
Here's my process for changing the oil on my boat. (Coming soon...)

Very easy to do when you know what you need!

These things are a bit old, but replacements are still available if you know how to find them.

Add Engine Raw Water Strainer
Ravat currently has a true raw water intake.  There's no strainer at all.  I'm not convinced this is good.

Engine Zinc Replacement
Engine zincs help to avoid corrosion.  This article describes where they are and how to change them.

Stuffing Box Adjustment / Packing
I had to pull the propellor shaft to replace the cutlass bearing, so this was a good excuse to proactively replace the packing in the stuffing box.

Transmission Oil Change
Did you even know there was a transmission back there?  Oh joy, another maintenance activity I didn't have a baseline for!

Hour Meter and Tachometer Installation
I think it's important to maintain good maintenance logs, and having an hour meter is an important foundation for those logs.  TinyTach seems to make a reasonably priced model that's not too hard to install.

Sound Deadening Panels
I'm anxious to reduce the sound coming out of the depths of my cockpit floor.  Cruising on this boat for any length of time with the motor running would not be pleasant.

Add Engine Room Temperature Monitor
Rumor has it that you don't want your engine room temperature over 130 degrees F.  A great tip I received from the CSOA list was to install an indoor/outdoor thermometer which transmits remotely to monitor those temps.  Might be important after installing the sound deadening!