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Where to Mount the Bilge Pump Switch?

posted Jul 10, 2011, 6:24 PM by Christopher Hubbell
My companionway instrument panel is pretty much at capacity now that I've installed a new fuel gauge and the Victron battery monitor display.  I could squeeze something else in, but it wouldn't quite look right.  With that in mind, I need to find a location for my new bilge pump switch(es).  Initially it will be only one, but I intend to have two pumps in the keel bilge eventually.

Existing cover plate - considering for bilge pump switch.
There aren't a lot of choices around the current panel and nav station, but I've been eying a spot on the starboard settee near the bilge itself.  A previous owner had at some point installed something round, then covered it with a Plexiglas plate.  I've been debating installing an AC outlet there, or possibly a louvered vent to air out the settee.

However, it may also be a very convenient spot for a bilge pump switch.  My only concern is that it might get whacked a bit being on the floor, or possibly bumped on or off by a bag placed in the isle (which happens all the time!).

The other option I'm considering is mounting them in some proximity to the wet locker on the port side.  To do this I would need to find an option to cover the back side of them so life jackets and harnesses don't snag it an cause shorting or other damage.

Still not sure, but I need to get that pump installed ASAP as it's critical to safety once the boat is launched.