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When to Pull the Plug?

posted Sep 29, 2011, 6:04 AM by Christopher Hubbell
I need to make a decision very soon about when Ravat will be hauled out for the winter.  On one hand, I want to enjoy every remaining minute of sailing I can squeeze in.  On the other hand, pretty soon I will have all the fall yard work bearing down on me in addition to the project of figuring out how I will tarp the boat with the lifelines up and mast up.  That's not much fun in driving cold wind, so I might enjoy using some warm weather for that work.

The big question I need to answer is what I'll be doing for a cradle.  Shumway suspects that my current cradle is not a proper one for my boat.  They believe the pads are not place in the ideal locations, which is entirely possible.  I also noticed a significant bowing in the base, which makes me think it's not rated for the weight of my boat.   I need to get a tape measure into Ravat and measure the distance between the bulkheads to verify exactly how far apart the pads need to be.  One thing I'm concerned about is that if they put me on a rented cradle from their yard it might not be the exact size I need, and the hull will be damaged again.

If I decide my cradle is truly not appropriate, then I will definitely rent a cradle from the Yard.  It's $175 for the season, which means I could rent from them for 13 years and still come out ahead of the costs of having them make a new cradle.

Decisions, decisions...