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What's Left To Do?

posted Apr 26, 2011, 7:07 PM by Christopher Hubbell
It seems to me that with less than 30 days to my launch date it's a good time to see where I'm at on the critical path to making my launch date...  Here's the big list that currently sits on my shoulders:
  1. Mast Wiring
    1. Install new steaming/deck light combo unit.
    2. Install (and run new wire for) mast-top anchor light
    3. Pull new VHF cable, install new mast-top antenna.
  2. Hull
    1. Install rudder fairing block, fare it.
    2. Cast and Install depth sounder faring block
    3. Apply barrier coat
    4. Install through hulls
    5. Apply anti-fowling paint
    6. Install new NYS registration letters on bow
    7. Install new Ravat graphics on stern.
  3. Electrical
    1. Install batteries
    2. Install new battery cables
    3. Install charger
  4. Deck
    1. Gel coat repair at mast step
    2. Re-bed mast step
    3. Install new bow hatch
    4. Install stanchions
    5. Install boarding ladder mounting brackets
    6. Repair de-laminated cockpit locker lids
    7. Re-bed chain plates.
  5. Pedestal
    1. Remove pedestal and re-bed all cockpit sole openings.
    2. Replace broken conduit ends.
    3. Remove old engine controls.
    4. Repair cockpit sole holes.
    5. Install new rope wire and chain.
    6. Install new engine controls
    7. Install new compass.
  6. Rigging
    1. Install new life lines  (ordered...)
  7. Plumbing
    1. Install new through hulls
    2. Install new hoses
    3. Install new diesel fill hose
  8. Interior
    1. Complete scrubbing of all locker spaces and bilge.

It's going to be a challenging 27 days to say the least.