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Thunderstorms, Heavy at Times. Really?

posted May 26, 2011, 6:56 PM by Christopher Hubbell
I'm having a heck of a time trying to get things done in between these storms.   Really, haven't we had enough rain this Spring?

Last night I worked until around 10:30 installing the bow registration letters and draining the diesel tank.  Since both of those activities took place outside the boat and neither required a ton of light I was able to plow through later than usual.

Tonight I had a few things planned, but right after I tucked the Little Man into bed and packed up the car it started to rain.  I mean, really rain!  Fortunately, about 45 minutes later it cleared up.  Although 45 minutes is a precious lot of time to lose, I knew I could still get a few things done so I decided to press my luck.

Most of the trip out I needed to have the wipers running.  As I got within about 2 miles of the marina the rain picked up.  Ooooh great.  Gonna be a wet night, I thought. 

A lthough it was unpleasant, the rain held off long enough for me to finish pumping out the diesel tank.  I was pretty wet when done, but that job is done.  Next time I can get out there in daylight I should be able to remove the tank for a cleaning.  I can't really see what kind of access hole exists in the tank, but if need be I'll cut a new one.  Perhaps a bit nerve-wracking, but I can't imagine it's much harder than any other dance with the jig saw.

I hope to install an electronic sending unit so I can add a fuel gauge to the bridge deck.  I'm not a big fan of dipping a stick into the tank any time I want to know how much is in there, and now is the only time I expect to be willing to go through a tank removal for a long time.  It's also a good time to replace the deckfill and torn fuel hose it attaches to.  I don't like torn hoses , and neither did the surveyor.  Might even need to eplace the strapping as I'm not sure how long that stuff lasts before losing its strength.

The new Blue Sea Main Distribution Panel is now installed.  Well, it's mounted in it's future home anyway.  It isn't wired up yet,  but it looks fantastic.  I would have been able to mount the Victron monitor as well, but I left the Dremel tool at home while  working on the Bebi Owl anchor light mount, which is an article I'll soon be posting.  I need the Dremel to make the cut out just a smidgeon bigger where the old analog ammeter gauge went.

So, I'm making progress, but never as much as I'd like.  Dropping the fuel tank will be a big milestone, as will getting the through hulls and pedestal back in place.  Hopefully things will start coming together quickly as I'd like to beat my July 1 goal.