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The Windows Are In!

posted Oct 10, 2010, 6:10 PM by Christopher Hubbell   [ updated Oct 10, 2010, 6:39 PM ]
Yes, it's true!  I have finally managed to close off those gaping holes in the side of the cabin.  You can see in this picture the new 3/8" acrylic windows I spent the day installing.

You will note that I have a minimal number of fasteners holding the ports in place.  This is not accidental.  I have been assured that the right goop (in this case, Dow Corning #795) is strong enough to hold heavy panes in flexing buildings, so the fasteners aren't even necessary beyond clamping the ports while the silicone completes its 2 week curing period.

As with all projects, there were many lessons learned.  I would definitely do a few things differently with the installation if I had it to do over, but they relate to aesthetics of tooling the sealant, not the construction or methods of installation.

The boat really looks amazing, and the acrylic looks unbelievably clear.  I don't miss the aluminum frames at all; I think the surface mounted configuration is more modern, and clean.

I wish I'd had time to clean the deck a bit before taking the picture.  The boat yard is very dusty, and I was working on the boat recently during light rain, which tracked dirt onto the non-skid.  Ignore the mess - she's really a gorgeous boat.

As I have time I'll fill in details on the window replacement project page, but for now I just needed to shout from the hills that note worthy progress has been made.