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The Cabin is Back Together!

posted May 29, 2012, 6:48 PM by Christopher Hubbell
I seriously underestimated how difficult it would be to put the cabin back together.  It wasn't all that bad removing it, and refinishing the wood was easy.  But it just didn't go back in exactly the way it came out, and slight shifts here and there amounted to a lot of finessing.  The hardest part of all was re-installing the teak grab rails which hold the cabin trunk trim in place.

I'm not convinced that I like this part of the CS27 design.  First off, the screws penetrate a cored section of the cabin trunk.  Like all other parts of the CS27, these holes were not properly potted or countersunk at the factory, and with six bolts per side they make up a huge leak and damage potential.  Second, anything that is through-bolted is really supposed to have backing plates.  There really isn't a good way to put backing plates on the outside of the cabin trunk and still have it look good.  Do I have a better answer?  No, not yet.

Getting past the design issues, the challenge turned out to be that the amount of flex required in those gab rails is a lot, and the force necessary to make that flex is also significant.  As a result, it's extremely difficult to thread the screws into the bolts given the tiny amount of clearance involved.  I ended up having to bring down screws which were 1/2" longer than the originals.  These were used to apply the initial tension and flex to the grab rail.  I then replaced them one at a time with the original bolts that are short enough to recess behind the teak bungs.

Pictures to follow - lately I've been out there evenings and the photography isn't very good once the light fades.