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The Bow Pulpit is Back On!

posted Apr 25, 2011, 5:52 PM by Christopher Hubbell

Now this is a really big deal to me.  Not only has it been a bit precarious hanging over the bow when working up there, but she just doesn't quite look so much like a sailboat without that bow rail.  It has also been driving me nuts tripping over it under the cradle for the past year.  But now, it is BACK, and it looks great.

I was also able to remove all of the fittings from the transom and rebed them, which seals up the back end nicely.  My final preparation for tarpless life was to throw tape over a few remaining deck holes and rig some temporary cockpit drains using scrap bilge hose.

This week is pretty much looking like a monsoon season forecast, so I'm going to quickly know whether or not she's got leaks remaining.  I expect some seepage in the chain plates as I haven't re-bedded them yet.  I also expect a bit from the bow hatch which is scheduled for replacement this week with a Lewmar Ocean Series.

The last set of leaky holes to plug will be the mast step.  Unfortunately, there was a stress crack in the gelcoat there which needed to be ground out and gelcoated.  The problem is, our lovely weather hasn't really cooperated with me for long enough to get a gelcoat job done.  Soon, I hope.

And the best news of all is that this coming weekend is looking like a very low chance of rain, and temperatures comfortably within painting conditions.  I believe there's a very good chance of me getting the barrier coat applied in the near future.  It's hard to even imagine having a good looking bottom on this boat since I've been staring at these blisters for so long.  I certainly welcome that change.