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Surrendering My Launch Date

posted May 17, 2011, 5:34 PM by Christopher Hubbell   [ updated May 17, 2011, 6:19 PM ]
This morning included a brief dip in the pool of depression.  I spoke with the Service Manager at my marina and let her know that I would not be ready to launch on the intended date.  Between the persistent cold, incessant rain, and the unexpected fiberglass and gel coat work on the bow hatch I have really lost my place in the schedule.  I was hell bent on making my launch date this year, and it does not feel good to let it pass by.

Having vented a little, I must also recognize the positive side of this situation.  I literally feel quite a bit of weight lifted from my shoulders.  I feel that I can focus more on completing jobs with attention to detail than maintaining a laser-focus on the tasks which are critical to floating.  It's more important to do things well and not deal with it again than to rush and do things twice.

To consecrate this positive spin I asked the Service Manager to work up an estimate to repair some deck delamination and stress cracking in an area which I'm not entirely confident I can properly blend.  This will literally wrap up all of the structural work on the boat.  I'm hoping I can have them compound the cabin gel coat as well since they can rock the big buffer faster than I can.  I'm fine with polishing and waxing, but the big job is best left to a tool I don't see a lot of reason to own otherwise.

So there it is.  Another launch date will soon blow by me.  I can't deny having made great progress, especially considering how little I knew about boat building only a short year ago, but I sure wish I was about to be sailing.