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Sometimes Work Can Wait

posted Sep 4, 2011, 5:41 PM by Christopher Hubbell
Anyone who has done a multi-year massive refit of a sailboat, I would think, can sympathise with how exhausting the work gets.  The long nights, the early mornings, the endless weekends, and not nearly enough time just enjoying the water.  A little while back I hit one of those nights where I just desperately wanted to be boating rather than fixing.  I decided not to unpack my tools that night, and instead just ook Ravat out for a solo trip out the channel and a little bit around the lake, then back in to the slip.  No more than an hour total.

It was a magical night, perhaps analogous to the first meal after fasting.  The water was calm, the lake breeze was a perfect temperature, and my vessel handled like an extension of myself.  The reflections on the water were enchanting. If the area were not such a horrible place to stop, I could have tossed an anchor and spent the night pondering the meaning of life knowing how fully I was living it at that very moment.

It's so wonderful to have Ravat on the water so that choices like this can be made.  I remember just a short time ago I was high and dry in the cradle only dreaming about nights like this.  The work will get done, but even the strongest engine must be refueled from time to time.