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Refinishing the Teak Trim

posted Sep 7, 2011, 1:43 PM by Christopher Hubbell
Refinishing Teak Molding Pieces
I'm in the process of refinishing all of the teak trim in Ravat, and I couldn't be more excited about how well it's coming out.  The work is as simple as it gets.  I sand with 150 to remove the raised grain, then again with 220 to really smooth it out.  After a thorough cleaning I then throw a coat of Minwax Gunstock Oil Based Stain on it for ten minutes and then clean with a rag.  The end result is absolutely beautiful.

I can work on the project a little bit at a time, and re-install a few pieces each time I go out to the marina.  When it's all back in place I'll throw a coat of Amazon's Lemon Oil on everything to finish it off.

The photo really doesn't do justice to how this restored wood glows, how rich the finish is, and how smooth the surface feels.  CS must have chosen very high quality teak as it has really held up well despite Ravat not being well cared for in the past.

This is so much more rewarding (and less itchy!)  than epoxy and fiberglass work.