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Ravat's New Bottom

posted May 1, 2011, 6:06 PM by Christopher Hubbell
After a long and arduous battle with osmotic blistering, I'm pleased to report that my plastic surgery on Ravat is not only complete, but completely successful!  I applied somewhere between 4 and 6 coats of Interlux Interprotect 2000e this weekend, which left her looking brand new.  There are some extremely nice boats in the yard that don't look this good right now.

There's still a bit of bottom work left to do, but it will be done by the yard when I launch.  I will have them clean up the bottom of the keel, and fix some stress cracks where the hull was oil-canning.  They do a fantastic job, and this will minimize a lot of hassle for me. 

What's next on the bottom?  Through hulls.  I have to get the plumbing back in order quickly as it's holding up a bunch of other jobs, as well as cluttering the cabin with parts.  Once the fixtures are in place I can apply the two VC-17 coats and call the hull work DONE!

The paint went on very easily. I used a solvent resistant mohair roller.  I'd think a foam roller may have been more ideal, but I was working with what the chandlery had on hand that morning and these worked fine.  The finish is sort of a flat eggshell, and it just looks fantastic.

On my 27 foot boat each gallon covered approximately 1-1/4 of the hull, and I did 4 coats per the recommendation on the Interlux data sheet.  Each coat was ready to re-coat as soon as the prior one was finished, so there was no waiting time for drying.  I's say two coats a day is a pretty comfortable rate of effort, but if you are really set up for it and focused it would be possible to do this in a single day.

At the end I have to say I'm very pleased with how the Interprotect went on, and how the boat looks.  This was a very rewarding job as it really brought her back to life.