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Prepping for New Windows

posted Oct 3, 2010, 7:10 PM by Christopher Hubbell   [ updated Oct 3, 2010, 7:17 PM ]
Today was a real nasty day!  It was about 50 degrees with a wicked wind coming off the lake.  I had underestimated the temperature and was slightly under-dressed, so spent the better part of the day thinking that wet sanding might be a less than ideal thing to do.  But, I stuck it out and finished my mission.

The original windows had been sealed with a silicone based product, and as a result had a nearly impossible to remove residue which would prevent good adhesion for the new windows.  I started out with a sharp putty knife scraping as much as possible.  I then hit the remainder with some acetone, although it didn't do much at all.  Last step was a slow wet sand with 400 grit silicon carbide wet/dry paper.  This did a fantastic, albeit very slow, job of removing the residue.  In the process it actually did a great job of removing the oxidized gelcoat as well.  Bonus!

There's a few tiny, tiny residue spots remaining, but they are pretty easy to find.  My next step is to find a way to hold the windows in place and drill the mounting holes, then seal 'em and peel the paper off.  I'm so close I can taste it!  Unfortunately, another work week is about to begin, and it will be a few days before I can make progress again.  I'm getting very nervous about how much I can finish before the cold weather sets in again and stops me for the winter.