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Playing with the Mast

posted Jun 25, 2011, 6:38 PM by Christopher Hubbell

Woohoo!  The new Hella combo steaming / deck light is now mounted where the decrepit old one used to live.  It looks very sharp.  The holes were a breeze to drill, and tapping them for #10 x 24 threads was equally simple with a small Craftsman set I picked up a few weeks ago.

The old mast fixtures were actually mounted with wood screws...  In an aluminum mast...  Yeah, it really bothered me.  I still need to pull a new wire for this fixture, but that won't arrive until early next week.  When I take this light back off to wire it in I'll coat the threads with Tef-Gel to keep the corrosion at bay.  I was in a hurry this affternoon and just wanted to get it done.

I also spent some time scratching my head at the top of the mast.  I need to pull a new 14-2 wire for the Bebi Owl anchor light which will protect my CS27 at anchor.  I'm fortunate to have a mast conduit, but not entirely sure how to get the wire from the conduit top to a hole through the mast top.  I'm guessing I need to take out the sheaves to get enough room to work with a stiff wire, but not entirely certain.

The real entertainment came when I started messing with the old VHF coax.  After a few tugs, a swarm of red ants covered the mast top.  Apparently they've made my mast their home and were not happy with the idea of prepping it for stepping.  Tomorrow I'll bring some chemical warfare with me.