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I am vibrating...

posted Jul 11, 2010, 6:32 PM by Christopher Hubbell   [ updated Jul 11, 2010, 6:42 PM ]
I worked today from 11am until 8pm sanding the epoxy blister fillings.  Working with a vibrating sander for that long is not good.  I don't recommend it at all.  What's nice is that having now got the technique down pretty well I was able to do in one day what would historically take me three or four.  Still, way too long.

This session underscores my belief that I would have been better off sanding down the bottom paint, filling with a normal (softer) compound, and then reapplying barrier coat.  Using Six/Ten for a large job easily triples the amount of time it takes.  I'm not against using it for small spots, but even then I think the problem is how much harder the Six/10 is compared to the ull material.  But, I am now done with it.

I've sanded through the barrier coat in enough places that I need to reapply it.  So, from this point on I'm using a normal West System filler which sands like a dream in comparison.  I have about five blisters that need a slight touch-up, and a few places where I need to grind out some minor stress cracks near the keel and next to one of the cradle pads.  I also have a little work to do on the rudder.  And then, I am DONE.  This next phase should go a LOT quicker.  Perhaps I could even get it ground and faired in a day, then finish off the sanding the next session.  So close!

Words cannot express how much I long to complete the hull work and get on with the rest of the boat, and the more pleasant activities.  I think my next target will be completing the side decks and pulling the remaining deck hardware as its nearing painting time.

And now, for some Advil and a shower...