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Getting Back On Track

posted Aug 17, 2011, 6:35 AM by Christopher Hubbell   [ updated Sep 7, 2011, 1:52 PM ]
The Cockpit as a Work Shop
That fuel tank replacement threw me for a loop.  not only was it not "on the master plan", but it took longer than I'd expected.  Last night I was able to clean up the sawdust residue with the mini-shopvac and finish hooking up the tank, tightening hose clamps, etc.  I filled it back up, again running the fuel through the Baja Filter, and tested the engine.  She started right up without hesitation and ran flawlessly for about 30 minutes so I think I'm safe in terms of not having to bleed the lines again.

It may also be just a figment of my imagination, but it seems like the engine is running a bit more smooth after the oil change.  My entire life I've thought I could sense a change in the engine's noise right after a change though, so it might just be some kind of wishful thinking.

While the engine was running I spent a bit of time applying weatherstripping to the cockpit lockers.  I'm hoping this will reduce a bit of the vibration noise I get at certain RPMs.  Without the foam the lockers are not tight enough to pull their latches, so there is much rattling.  We'll see next time I get out for a motor up the channel.

The cockpit locker dividers are now all installed, which removes yet another big piece of cabin clutter.  It's still a complete disaster inside the boat, but I feel like I'm slowly making progress. 

Now that I'm back on track with putting things back together rather than repairing / replacing it's a good time to look at the short-term to-do list:

  • Wire the Sahara 1100 bilge pump
  • Wire the AC main panel and galvanic isolator
  • Install the battery charger AC circuit
  • Install the AC outlets circuit
  • Install the bow fresh water tank
  • Repair the delaminated plywood on the starboard window headliner panel.
  • Dremel work to integrate the new alcohol stove into the gimbal.
  • Select and purchase stereo head unit
  • Install aft cabin bulkhead panels, flush mounting VHF and stereo units in port coaming recess.
  • Secure bilge pump hoses - STOP the FLOP.
Of course there is much else to do, but this is what I'm focusing on in the immediate future.  Should keep me pretty busy in between sailing.