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Deck Core Progress!

posted May 2, 2010, 7:25 PM by Christopher Hubbell   [ updated May 4, 2010, 8:52 AM ]
I snuck out after dinner to steal a few hours of remaining daylight.  In that short window of opportunity I managed to fit the rough cut template into the deck with the help of my trusty Dremel tool and a small sanding drum.

It actually fit almost perfectly, which was a surprise to me.  A little forming here and there, and it slid into place.  Next I need to do the same thing for the starboard side deck and I'll be ready to start mixing epoxy and laying down sand bags.

I was lucky tonight that there was almost no wind, which saved me having to do jiu-jistsu with the tarp.  That can easily add a half hour to an evening of work when it's shifting direction.  Not fun.

It also dawned on me tonight that I need to pull the windows really soon and start figuring out my strategy for replacing the acrylic in them.  It's crazed and cloudy, so I need to put some new pieces in there.

The good news is that I spent two sessions this weekend looking at a white boat rather than a blue tarp.  It was refreshing to feel like I owned a boat and not  the worlds largest blueberry.  

Finally, as I looked off my stern this evening I was treated to a nice sunset over the other boats.  Life is good.   

(Forgive the picture quality, I only had my iPhone along, so they are a bit grainy in the low light.)