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Busy Weekend Coming Up

posted Aug 12, 2011, 1:03 PM by Christopher Hubbell
The last few days have been pretty exciting aboard Ravat, and the next two are likely to be as well.  I took delivery of the new interior cushions on Thursday, and they look unbelievable.  I've also been busy reinstalling interior panels in areas I'm not still pulling wires.  That makes a big difference as well.

My new aluminum fuel tank was delivered by UPS a short time ago, and it' everything I hoped it would be.  Slightly smaller, far more rigid, and most importantly, (I hope) it doesn't leak.  This will be a high priority installation to be certain.

Another project I'm excited about is the new Harken Outboard Furling Blocks which I have installed, but not yet run the line through.  I constantly trip on the furling blocks along my narrow side decks, so this one should not only reduce friction and look very cool, but it will actually be a bit of a safety gain as well.  Now watch, my furling line will be about 6" too short for the new lead.  That would be a classic situation.

I'm on the cusp of installing the VHF radio as well.  The antenna wire is in place, and just needs to be terminated.  I'm anxious to test it and verify that the antenna connectors I terminated are working as expected.  Then I can seal them up tight with the shrink tubes to make things a bit more permanent.

If I'm really ambitious I'd like to get the turnbuckles lubricated with some Tef-Gel before I tune the rig.  But most of all, I'm really looking forward to SAILING now that the week has ended.  Yeeha!