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Almost Water-Tight

posted Jun 12, 2011, 6:16 PM by Christopher Hubbell

With the exception of the galley sink drain (which is trapped under a cradle pad, unfortunately) and the cockpit drains I have all the through-hulls and seacocks installed and nicely bedded.

It took a little messing about to figure out how to line everything up.  A bit more challenging than I anticipated.  But in the end, I think the positioning will work well.

I need to get the fuel tank re-installed before mounting up the cockpit drain seacocks just because I like having the extra room to work in that tight space.

Once all the seacocks are installed I will go back through and fair them with 3m Premium Filler.  When all is smooth and shiny I'll hit them up with barrier coating, and cover the new fairing block at the same time.

When all the barrier coating is done and blended, I'll lightly sand the entire bottom to prepare it for two coats of VC-17 blue.  That will complete all the hull work, and Ravat will once again be water-tight.

That'll be a big milestone!