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A Fine Looking Cockpit

posted Jun 12, 2011, 5:59 PM by Christopher Hubbell
I'm a bit late in posting this, but the cockpit is looking very nice these days.  The aftmost locker doors have been reinstalled after being re-cored.  The new angle guard for the pedestal has been installed, as well as the new compass.  The pedestal is looking particularly sharp after its compounding, polishing, and wax.  Brought the darn thing back to a new look.

I also have the auto-pilot ring mounted on the wheel, and as you can see, the wheel is on the boat too.  I was going to keep it at home for a while so I could work on the leather wrap, but wanted to start getting stuff out of the house.  I can put the wrap in place some day when the boat is in the water and I'm waiting for my freshly brewed coffee to cool down.  Aaaah, that will be a good day indeed.

Below is another view of the new pedestal.  The angle guard takes up a bit more room, but is extremely functional in a way I didn't anticipate.  It's actually almost impossible to get in and out of the helm position without climbing over the seats.  But now, the position of the taller and forward angle guard is very convenient to grab onto.  I like it.

The next cockpit enhancement will be a NavPod housing for the Raymarine A70 chart plotter and the Autopilot control head.  I feel that both of these devices belong at the pedestal, although I'm not crazy about the busy look of the housing.  Functionality is a trump card in this case.