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2011 Spring Launch Announced!

posted Mar 18, 2011, 11:06 AM by Christopher Hubbell   [ updated Mar 18, 2011, 11:31 AM ]

I received a letter from my marina's service department today informing me of Ravat's launch assignment.  Any day during the week of May 23.  With that, I have reset the launch countdown on this site.  After last year's totally missed season I have taken a more realistic approach to the refit for this spring.  Primarily I will spend time only on activities critical to making the boat float, or engine run.  I will not be doing any activities which can be performed from the water.  I'm going to make this date!

So what's left to do on that critical path?  Oh, just a few things...

  1. The rudder bottom was in rough shape, and showing some signs of fiberglass delamination and fuzzing (technical term!).  I also discovered a small crack on the back of the rudder.  So, some grinding, patching, and fairing will be necessary.  This is almost done as I write this.
  2. All through-hulls to be installed (yes, ALL of them are out right now!).  I'm not so worried about the plumbing, but the holes need to be plugged.
  3. New instruments must be procured and their transducers installed.  My old instruments were shot, and their transducers are out.  Again, the holes need to be plugged!  I'm researching the use of a 20-degree depth sounder from Airmar to avoid the need for fairing blocks.  That would save me a little time.
  4. Mast electronics.  I need to order and install an anchor light (leaning towards the Bebi Owl).  Also need to install the combo steaming/deck light, pull a new VHF wire, and install a new VHF antenna.  Need to get this stuff done before the mast it stepped.
  5. Reinstall all stanchions and temporarily install the old life lines.  Yes, they are to be replaced as well, but that's not as important as the other activities.
  6. Reinstall all miscellaneous deck hardware.  This includes cleats, mast step, bow casting, and more.
  7. Replace steering chain & cable.  The old one is badly frayed and a serious hazard.  This will be easier to do now since the rudder is off the boat.
  8. Reinstall the batteries and wire them up.  I'll re-do the electronics later while she's in the water.
  9. Install the new graphics on the stern, the NYS registration letters on the bow, and the NYS registration sticker.
  10. Barrier-coat hull and rudder, apply anti-fouling.
  11. Dig mandatory safety items out of storage and stick them on-board.
  12. Buy new dock lines (old ones were scary, and I have no faith in their integrity).

That ought to do it!  Yes, that will keep me busy.  Now, I have some fiberglass to grind...